Karen Lauberg Lauritsen, Founder & Managing Director, Lauberg ConsultingKaren Lauberg Lauritsen, Founder & Managing Director
Having spent over two decades working for leading Danish and international companies, specialising in IT governance and IT architecture, ITSM, and stakeholder relations, Karen Lauberg Lauritsen has garnered strong expertise in the field of IT. She has observed that digital transformation trends like agile, automation, and emerging technologies like AI and blockchain challenge traditional ITSM’s value proposition. This shift to platform economy has changed the IT supply chain from linear to complex collaboration models, which enforces the requirement to address governance and service level agreements by considering the organisational interfaces and the operational practices where the accountabilities start and stop. This, in turn, can balance out the value gained in the collaborating model versus the compliance risk. To govern and manage compliance requirements from different sources, a powerful concept is needed. This is where implementing trustworthiness comes into play. Trustworthiness supports compliance readiness as well as end user needs in a verifiable way. Introducing the concept of trustworthiness can manage the variety of overlapping existing and potential new requirements more efficiently if governed well. She believes that compliance requirements should be incorporated rather than being treated as an add-on on technical developmental design and trustworthiness empowers organisations to achieve exactly that. Keeping ‘trustworthiness by design’ as its motto, Karen founded Lauberg Consulting that incorporates the attribute to their IT services and helps companies in data governance and service management .

Working on Maturity Analysis

Lauberg Consulting uses concepts from maturity models to assess the maturity of each area in IT service management and create a robust framework for optimal change and foundation for building trustworthiness into new services to achieve expected outcome. "I have a foundation or a reference model where I can always go in and assess the current state of any organisation. Maturity analysis is one tool I use to understand the specific requirements and how to make them operational. How well are requirements understood and transformed into system designs or operational process activities? How many expected outcomes are achieved to a satisfactory level?" explains Karen Lauberg Lauritsen, Founder and Managing Director at Lauberg Consulting. The company also carries out maturity assessments of digital transformation besides looking at the level of process implementation and outcomes to highlight the benefits of organisational readiness and culture. The company helps clients target changes towards achieving lasting results in IT service and process landscape. Lauberg Consulting ensures efficiency and quality throughout the lifecycle of service management and from the strategy charter.

Trustworthiness is a set of relevant and combined quality requirements covering aspects such as availability, resilience, security, privacy, safety, useability, accuracy etc.

This is done through service design, delivery, and in the continuous improvement elements of IT service management. “We strive to bridge business expectations and technology while managing the relationship carefully,” says Karen.

Lauberg Consulting offers better use of scarce IT resources with simple, robust processes and competence lift with targeted training courses. “With the development of a targeted training course in both service processes and IT functionality to support compliance, clients can address the need for skill enhancement for IT professionals during the implementation of IT projects or changes in external requirements,” says Karen.

The company provides standardised support models that ensure efficiency and quality while optimising any multi-sourcing setup, which guarantees that the client receives optimal service for the expense. With the right implementation of IT principles, policies and operating models into the contractual setup, Lauberg Consulting helps clients achieve greater IT supply chain satisfaction and growth in business.

When Deep Expertise Comes to Play

In addition to these strategies, the differentiating factor that prevails in the services of Lauberg Consulting is their strong focus on value versus risk equation. The company believes that today’s prominent focus on the value side of digital transformations should be replaced with the traditional perspective of value and risk equation. The risk that comes along emerging technologies needs to be addressed at the initial design phase, which is vital. Lauberg Consulting can help clients build their organisation, principles, policies, roles and responsibilities as well as install methods for directing, monitoring and evaluating in a standardised way to facilitate trustworthy designs. The company applies the ISO / IEC 38500: 2015 standard as of now. “We try to find the right balance between investing in digital transformation and mitigating risks,” remarks Karen.

Alongside the right balance, Karen’s extensive background from pharmaceutical and financial industries brings great value to the company. As a ‘hands-on’ senior process consultant, she has analysed, defined, documented and implemented IT principles, several service management processes and standard frameworks such as Togaf, ITIL and CoBIT. Having strong skills in leading digital transformations, Karen sets the direction for a project team culture and provides analytical insight. She is responsible for ensuring value-adding IT that balances the business’ digital needs and risks in relation to data protection. Along with her team, she has delivered numerous successful GDPR projects.

In a recent accomplishment, Karen helped a large Nordic financial services company implementing ITSM requirements into a cloud solution. With 40 line-of-business resources, Karen helped building a common test strategy approach into an agile methodology landscape and monitored test execution across incident, problem, sacm, event, SLM, foundation (CMDB) data, knowledge, change and release management. The final ITSM program outcome was delivered with built-in quality.

Lauberg Consulting plans to continue incorporating trustworthiness into their services as a selling and marketing point. The company aims to focus on UN sustainability development goals and believes that digital transformation can support it by transforming the sustainability development goals into quality requirements and trust designs supported by emerging digital solutions.